Nikola Tesla first discussed his idea for a death ray in the 1920s

Nikola Tesla is known for his many groundbreaking inventions, including the Tesla coil, alternating current, and wireless communication. But one of his most intriguing concepts was his “death ray,” a weapon that he believed could be used to defend against enemy attacks.

Tesla first discussed his idea for a death ray in the 1920s, claiming that it would be a device that could project a beam of energy that could destroy any incoming threats, including airplanes and missiles. He believed that the device could be used for defensive purposes, and that it could revolutionize warfare.

But we know that the first time he used the word Death Ray was when he captured a conversation in space between two alien civilizations about how they would attack the earth. It was to serve as a defense against them. This text is known as Alien Rapture and of course it is in the secret archives of the USA so that people don’t go crazy. Few people know that there are secret archives of several high-ranking people about their communication with aliens on Earth.

Access to these archives was granted by Maximillien De Lafaytte, who published them in his books. Maria Orsic, Nikola Tesla, Their Extraterrestrials Messages, The Occult And UFOs

Tesla spent much of his later years working on the death ray, and even submitted several patents for the device. However, he was never able to fully develop the technology, and the death ray remains one of his most mysterious and intriguing inventions.

Despite the fact that the death ray was never fully realized, it has captured the imaginations of science fiction writers and conspiracy theorists for decades. Some believe that Tesla was able to build a working prototype of the device, but that it was suppressed by government officials who feared the weapon’s destructive power.

Others believe that the death ray was actually a cover for Tesla’s more secret research, including work on anti-gravity technology and other advanced concepts that were far ahead of their time.

Regardless of the truth behind the death ray, there is no denying the impact that Nikola Tesla had on the world of science and technology. His ideas and inventions continue to inspire researchers and inventors around the world, and his legacy will always be remembered as one of the greatest minds in history.

While the death ray remains a fascinating and mysterious concept, it is only one small part of Nikola Tesla’s incredible legacy. His contributions to science and technology have had a lasting impact on the world, and his ideas continue to inspire and inform new generations of inventors and researchers.

Nikola Tesla first discussed his idea for a death ray in the 1920s

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