Introducing the Vtoman Solar Panel Input Power Station: Harness the Sun’s Energy for Unlimited Power

The Vtoman Solar Panel Input Power Station is a revolutionary portable power solution that allows you to tap into the sun’s energy and enjoy unlimited power wherever you go. Designed with convenience and sustainability in mind, this power station is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, adventurers, and anyone seeking a reliable and eco-friendly power source.

At the heart of the Vtoman Solar Panel Input Power Station is its ability to harness solar energy. With its integrated solar panel input, you can easily connect compatible solar panels and convert sunlight into usable electricity. This feature not only allows you to recharge the power station in a sustainable manner but also provides you with a continuous power supply even in remote locations or during emergencies.

VTOMAN Jump 1800 Portable Power Station, 1548Wh LiFePO4 Battery Solar Generator

Powerful AC Output & Versatile Applications

With a robust 1800W AC output, the Jump 1800 power station can handle more than 90% of your home appliances. Its peak output power of 3600W ensures compatibility with even higher power devices. Whether you need emergency backup power for your household or a reliable energy source for outdoor camping, the Jump 1800 is the perfect choice.

VTOMAN V-Surging Technology

The Jump 1800 power station utilizes VTOMAN’s innovative V-Surging Technology, which allows it to output a constant 1800W of power when running appliances over that limit. This feature provides an alternative emergency solution for heavy-duty appliances like water heaters, space heaters, and ovens.

Expandable Capacity up to 3096Wh

To meet your energy demands, the Jump 1800 can be expanded with an additional 1548Wh extra battery (sold separately), doubling its capacity to an impressive 3096Wh. This expandability ensures you have ample power for extended use.

12 Output Ports

Equipped with a pure sine wave inverter and multiple outlets, the Jump 1800 power station offers versatility. It includes 3 AC outlets, 4 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C ports, 2 DC ports, and 1 car port, allowing you to power appliances and devices of varying power requirements.

Regulated 12V DC Output

The Jump 1800 features 2 DC5521 output ports (12V/10A, total 120W Max) and 1 car cigarette lighter port (12V/10A, 120W Max). These regulated DC ports are ideal for powering equipment that supports 12V DC input, such as car refrigerators, CPAP machines, and portable tire inflators.

Long-lasting Performance

Powered by premium LFP batteries, the Jump 1800 offers exceptional performance. It boasts over 3,100 battery charge cycles and provides at least 55,000 hours of battery life, which is six times better than the industry average. You can rely on the Jump 1800 for extended and reliable power.

Advanced LIFEBMS Battery Management System
Safety is paramount, and the Jump 1800 power station is equipped with a super safe LIFEBMS battery management system developed by Vtoman. This system provides 10 battery protections, including over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, over-voltage protection, and over-current protection, ensuring safe charging and operation.

Multiple Input Modes
The Jump 1800 supports three input modes: solar panel input, AC input, and car input. You have the flexibility to choose the most convenient and efficient way to recharge your power station, whether it’s through solar panels, a wall outlet, or your car’s power source. Stay charged up and ready to go in any situation with the Jump 1800 power station.