Differences between Sitchin’s and Maximillian de Lafayette’s texts on the Anunnaki Elohim

Zecharia Sitchin was a scholar of ancient Near Eastern civilizations who authored a series of books, including “The Earth Chronicles,” which proposed that extraterrestrial beings called the Anunnaki visited Earth and played a significant role in human history. According to Sitchin, the Anunnaki came to Earth from a planet called Nibiru and genetically engineered humans as a slave race to mine gold.

The Anunnaki are not reptilians, because as it is written everywhere in the plural, We made you in our image. Do we have wings?

The Anunnaki did not come to Earth to look for gold, but uranium. There is plenty of gold in the universe. So no human slaves mining gold for the Annunaki.

On the other hand, Maximillien de Lafayette is a paranormal researcher and author of numerous books on the subjects of UFOs, aliens, and the paranormal. He has written extensively on the Anunnaki and the Elohim, a term which he uses interchangeably with the Anunnaki. De Lafayette argues that the Anunnaki Elohim are not extraterrestrial beings, but rather advanced beings who have been living on Earth for millions of years.

While both Sitchin and de Lafayette discuss the Anunnaki/Elohim in their writings, their interpretations and views on these beings differ significantly. Sitchin’s theories are based on ancient Sumerian texts, while de Lafayette relies on personal accounts of people who have had contact with the Anunnaki Elohim.

Another key difference between Sitchin and de Lafayette’s texts is their focus. Sitchin’s books primarily discuss the Anunnaki’s role in human history, while de Lafayette’s work often focuses on their spiritual and metaphysical nature.

It is essential to note that the ideas presented in both Sitchin and de Lafayette’s texts are controversial and are not widely accepted by mainstream scholars. Many experts in the fields of archaeology, history, and anthropology reject the theories put forth in these texts. Thus, it is crucial to approach these ideas with a critical and discerning eye.

Sitchin’s and Maximillian de Lafayette’s texts on the Anunnaki Elohin differ in their interpretation, focus, and sources. While both authors discuss the Anunnaki, their theories and ideas are controversial and not widely accepted by mainstream scholars.

IMHO Sitchin does not know anything about the Anunnaki Elohim correctly, because he did his work on Summer, as he himself admitted, at the behest of the Illuminati of the Vatican.

The biggest difference is in the language from which the texts in Summer are translated, and he only knows Akkadian correctly is Maximillian de Lafayette. We read a bunch of books by Maximillian de Lafayett, That is our advantage and knowledge.

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