Top 10 Sad Movies You Must Watch On Netflix In 2018


If you have a broken heart and looking to watch sad movies on Netflix then you have just landed on the perfect place to get a list of sad movies which are available on Netflix. Every movie has its own unique appeal and has an equally diverse effect on the viewer. However sad movies are a tear-jerker.

I am sharing a list of top 10 sad movies on Netflix which you can watch online. If in case you would like to watch movies while travelling then it is suggested to download movies from movie apps.

best sad movies on netflix

Top 10 Sad Movies To Watch On Netflix 2017

  1. We Were Soldiers (February 25, 2002)

    The movie is based on the book ‘‘We Were Soldiers Once… and Young’’ by Joseph L. Galloway and Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore (Retired). This is a story covering the real life events taking place during the first big battle between the US Army and North Vietnamese forces. The story is a pure depiction of nobility and loyalty in the most difficult times and also the unusual valor and heroism of the soldiers. This is a memoir to all the brave men and women who won the battle of life by sacrificing it for the country on foreign soil. Directed by Randall Wallace, the movie has quite an interesting star cast consisting Mel Gibson, Madeleine Stowe, Greg Kinnear, Chris Klein, Sam Elliott, Keri Russell and much more.

    We Were Soldiers

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  2. Pay it Forward (October 20, 2000)

    This story revolves around a social studies teacher Eugene Simonet (Kevin Spacey) who gives his 7th-grade students an assignment to come up with ideas to make the world a better place and then apply the same to do so. 11 years old Trevor McKinney (Henley Joel Osment) comes up with a charitable program which was based on a network of good deeds. The kid names his plan ‘Pay it Forward’ in which one recipient of some favor or goodness must pass onto to three other people, thus creating a goodness network.

    This story is a young person whose humanity not only helps the life of a troubled single mom but also makes him a national phenomenon for his kindness. His success on brings him bullies who make his life hell but with the love of many strangers who pay their respects to him.

    Pay It Forward

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  3. A Walk to Remember (January 25, 2002)

    Set in North Carolina, this is a coming of age movie based on Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name, featuring the long and everlasting love of Landon (Shane West) and Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore). Landon, a high school senior with anger issues and family trouble, finds a true friend and soul mate in Jamie, the gullible and mysterious girl when they are forced to act together in the school’s spring musical. Reluctant at first, their relationship develops when Landon discovers a secret about Jamie. This is an inspirational tale of true young lovers against the ticking clock and life.

    A Walk to Remember

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  4. Atonement (June 20, 2008)

    Set in the 1930s, Atonement is an English drama of surrounding three young people. Cecelia Tallis (Keira Knightley) and Robbie Turner (James McAvoy) are young lovers whose life is disrupted by a lie told by Briony (Saoirse Ronan), Cecelia’s younger sister, out of jealousy. A series of turmoil is faced with all three characters and more by Robbie as he faces imprisonment. This strains their love but also keeps room for hope when they cross paths in the onset of World War II.


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  5. Forrest Gump (June 23, 1994)

    Forrest Gump follows the events taking place in the life of Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks). A simple man with good intentions and childlike optimism never considered himself to be different and leads to normal life possible. His mother ‘Mama’ teaches him how to live and leaves him to decide his destiny. With a rather interesting bunch of events through his life, Forrest joins army service in Vietnam where he finds two great friends, Lieutenant Dan and Bubba; he wins accolades for his service and also starts a shrimp fishing business to honor his dead friend Bubba, becomes successful as a ping-pong player and meets the president. His life for his childhood friend Jenny Curran (Robin Wright) stays unrequited in the long run, and he spends a half life with his son from Jenny. Though he hit bottom in love, he still wishes to believe that we can love anyone.

    Forrest Gump

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  6. The Last Five Years (February 13, 2015)

    A musical visualizing the romance involving Cathy Hiatt (Anna Kendrick) and Jamie Wellerstein (Jeremy Jordan); over a duration of five years, the story shows a love affair and then a marriage taking place between the two lead characters. Composed by Jason Robert Brown, a Tony award-winning lyricist and composer, the musical follows a reverse chronology described through songs. This is a two-person only show and presented on a stage where Cathy’s songs take us through the end of their marital troubles and gradually move backward to how they first met and their affair which is described by the songs of Jamie. The story meets in the middle where Jamie proposes to Cathy. The characters don’t meddle with each other’s time frame and are not at all seen together on the screen. There are monologs and then there are some supporting actors to provide a secondary voice to the singing and dialogues of the two main characters.

    The Last Five Years

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  7. The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas (September 12, 2008)

    Set in the World War II struck Germany, 8 years old boy Bruno (Asa Butterfield) along with his family leaves Berlin and take up a residence not far from a concentration camp of which his father Ralf (David Thewlis) has been made the commandant. Unhappy and lonesome Bruno wanders across his house and hates the change of residence, and there is nothing good about this place.

    One day he crosses paths with Shmuel (Jack Scanlon), a Jewish boy around his own age. The barbed-wire of the fence is the only separation between them. This is a sweet story of forbidden friendship in the black years of holocaust where the young and innocent are oblivious of the society’s torture and cruelty. A lot of events shown or depicted in the film also have historical evidence and significance.

    The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

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  8. Fruitvale Station (January 19, 2013)

    Based on true events, this is the story of a black man in his early 20s, Oscar Grant (Michael B. Jordan). With a history in San Quentin, the movie portrays the struggle he is facing to live a normal and clean life and taking care of his girlfriend Sophina (Melonie Diaz) and his young daughter Tatiana (Ariana Neal). The story’s treated with flashbacks shoes the last normal day of Oscar’s life where he attended with his friends the New Year’s Eve fireworks in San Francisco and on while returning was caught up in an argument with police which ended tragically.

    Fruitvale Station

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  9. My Girl (November 27, 1991)

    This is the story of Vada Sultenfuss (Anna Chlumsky) who is very gloomy and considered to be a freak has seen a fair share of life by the age of 11. Her mother died while giving birth to her and a funeral service is operated by her father. Things go more wrong when her best friend Thomas J. Sennett (Macaulay Culkin) dies and also she finds herself to be deeply in love with Mr. Bixler (Griffin Dunne). Too many complications for an 11-year-old?

    My Girl

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  10. One Day (December 23, 2011)

    The movie starts with a bit flash of 2006 life of the two main characters and the goes back to July 15th 1988 where two polar opposites Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) meet and formally introduce each other at their college graduation celebration. The two people have separate outtakes on life where Emma strives to do well for the world and Dexter is caught up in his own world. For 20 years.

    These two friends meet on every 15th of July to spend a day together and each year shows a different life for them. This goes on when on one fine July 15; they find that all they have been looking for is already there in the two of them. This movie is so beautifully structured that watching it once is not enough.

    One Day

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These are the top sad movies that you can watch on Netflix. These movies don’t always make you cry hard out of grief, but there is definitely an emotional release which is very important for everyone.


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