How Much Does Netflix Cost | All Plans Comparison


Netflix has always been an ultimate source of watching movies and amazing TV shows, no matter what. Live streaming has become the mainstream and now despite having televisions, we are focusing on streaming sticks and other devices. Ever wondered why it is so popular? It is only because of the plans and packages which are being offered by the Netflix. It has hiked its price every now and then, and every time the viewers seem to be disappointed with the increase in charges. There are many viewers who have started wondering if the service is reliable enough like earlier or not.

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Also, there are many new live streaming apps and sources which are offering the same or better services at equal or lower cost. In this context, it is important to tell the loyal customers about the plan and packages of Netflix. Here, in this write up we will be highlighting the primary scheme of pricing on Netflix so as to let you know more about the packages and plans. Take a look at these well-formatted plans and you can get a clear idea about the same.

netflix cost

How Much Does Netflix Cost | All Plans Comparison

Netflix basically has three different plans related to streaming named as basic, standard, and premium. You will be amazed to know that these plans start at a common minimum price of $8 with an increase of $2 and $4 respectively for standard and premium packages.

  • The basic plan includes streaming on only single screen with SD picture quality and as we already mentioned that it costs around $8 on monthly basis.
  • The standard plan includes streaming on two different screens with high definition picture quality and it costs around $10 on monthly basis.
  • Similarly, the premium plan includes streaming on four different screens with high definition as well as ultra high definition picture quality. It costs around $12 for a month.

Netflix plans

The people using Netflix are extremely happy about all the streaming plans which are being offered to them. But there are a group of people who are still wondering about the plans related to discs and blu-ray. The Netflix started off with discs and Blu-ray only, and it still continues to offer the service for maintaining its original pride. The plan starts at $5 and increases gradually as per the increase in the benfits of the plan. Basically, the plan depends on how many discs you check out at a time or how many discs you will need on monthly basis. Given below are some of the plans and packages that will guide you through it.

  • The starting DVD price is $8 and for Blu-ray it is $10 with one disc allotted to the viewer on monthly basis.
  • The next plan offers two discs with DVD price of $12 and Blu-ray price of $15.
  • Similarly, the next higher plan offers three discs and costs around $16 for DVD and $20 for Blu-ray.
  • Also, Netflix offers a limited plan with DVD costing around $5 and Blu-ray costing approximately $6 for two discs out at a time on monthly basis.

Netflix Plans

  1. Simultaneous viewing – Streaming only

    Although we have clarified the plans in previous section, there are still some new viewers or non-members who do not know what exactly the numbers of screens are? Here, we will let you know about the system of Netflix to make things even more clear. Take a look!

    There are many people who want to share their Netflix account and its movie with their friends and relatives. But, due to limitation of plan one has to pay extra amount for using more screens. Screens are nothing but devices on which you can see the movies using the same Netflix account. As we have seen that basic plan allows only one screen. This means that you cannot use the same Netflix account in other device simultaneously. Similarly, by two screens we mean that you can watch same movie on two different devices at same time. This is how the system of screen works in Netflix. The mechanism is very easy. You pay more and you get more benefits from this live streaming source.

  2. HD – Ultra HD

    There are people who are still unaware of the high definition picture quality on Netflix. Just because they use the basic plan, a little upgrade by paying $4 extra will do no harm. Sharing your Netflix is totally up to you but you deserve to watch your favorite movie in a good picture quality. Here we will explain that how it works. SD and HD are picture qualities. It is all about pixels, colors, and other things related to visual effects. The higher the definition, the more you will enjoy watching the content. Also, you must remember that slower internet speed will ruin this experience of HD. You must make sure that you have a good internet connection to enjoy this feature offered to you by Netflix.

Netflix is a lot more than just extending screens and picture quality. The originality of content and exclusive shows is worth paying $2 or $4 extra for the package. Unless, you have a 4K display monitor and HD TV, you cannot enjoy this feature on any of your device. Hence, look at these above mentioned plans carefully and subscribe to the reliable one as per your needs and requirement.


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