Top 12 Free Texting Apps For Android: Popular SMS Apps


I hope you still remember those old days few years ago, when text messaging used to be our favorite way to chat late night with loved ones. These days IMs have come into existence but still few people prefer free texting apps where there is limited access to the internet.

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I am going to share the best list of free texting apps for android which you can use to make your texting experience better. If you are not aware able any top SMS app on android then I believe this post will be so much useful for you.

Top 12 Free Texting Apps For Android: Popular SMS Apps

  1. Android Messages

    Android MessagesAndroid Messages is one of the best and popular free messenger app by Google for android users. You can easily send the SMS and MMS messages to any phone using this free text SMS app.

    It has also a feature as faster sharing option, you can easily take a picture or video and share it with friend and family.

    You can also share or send group text message as well as your favorite picture, videos and audio. This text messaging app also supports emoji, stickers, location, colored text and other. It has also option to block SMS sender.

       Download Android Messages

  2. Chomp SMS

    Chomp SMSChomp SMS app is another free texting app for android users. It has more than 100 free themes and skins you can easily use any of them and create your own unique look on your device. You can easily customize your texts and send some creative SMS to your friends and family with this app.

    It has lots of cool features as pass-code lock, privacy option, scheduled SMS sender, backup, blacklisting, and others. You can easily use any of these features. There are unlimited customization option for notification icons, ringtones, screen color, text colors and other with emoji and stickers.

    Download Chomp SMS

  3. QKSMS

    QKSMSQKSMS is an open source SMS & MMS apps for android users. You can easily use this app on your device for sending free SMS, MMS to your friend and family. It make texting a magical. QKSMS is a lesser known texting app but it has really good options for all users.

    There are more than 200 themes available in this app, you can use any of them according to your interest. It has a good feature as night mode, turn on Automatic Night Mode and have night mode turned on automatically when it’s dark out. You can also search any message using this app.

    Download QKSMS


    YAATA SMSYAATA SMS is another popular free SMS apps. It is also used as a MMS app and has so much features for you. You can easily customize and configure this app according to your interest. It is a user friendly and fulfill all the needs of the users related to the SMS apps.

    One of the best feature of this app is to supports complete multimedia files. You can easily send or receive any multimedia file as pictures, videos, audios, GIF and others on your device.

    Download Yaata SMS

  5. SMS Text Messaging

    SMS Text MessagingSMS Text Messaging app is one of the best and popular app to connect your phone SMS with your PC. You can easily send SMS and MMS text messages from your PC, mac or tablet without touching your phone.

    You can easily get all the access of your phone on your PC using this app. Easily can get all the notification and messages on your PC. You can also see your phone’s battery level, caller ID, photo library and others on your desktop computer. It has also a feature of group message and bulk message.

    Download SMS Text Messaging

  6. TextNow

    TextNowTextNow is a funniest free texting apps for android users. You can easily send the SMS & MMS at incredible speed using this messaging apps. There are more theme design listed in this app, you can use any of them according to your interest. It also provides option to customize the app.

    In this app there are more than 500 stickers and emojis. You can easily express your expressions and feelings with your friends using the emoji and sticker. It also provides the security option as lock your private message and contacts, block spam message and others.

       Download TextNow

  7. Handcent Next SMS

    Handcent Next SMSLike YAATA SMS app, Handcent is the other free texting apps for android users. It supports more than 100 amazing themes. It has some spacial feature as spell checking, password protection for individual conversations and others. You can also make a group chat with your friends and family using this app.

    It is a most customizable and powerful SMS messenger app. One of the best feature of this app is it is a customer-oriented SMS app. You can easily customize this app according to yourself. It provides SMS as well as MMS option so you can also send media files to your friends.

    Download Handcent Next SMS

  8. Textra SMS

    Textra SMSTextra SMS app is a beautiful, super fast and highly customizable free texting app for android users. It also provides some cool and amazing icons, you can easily use these and send it to your friends.

    There are more than 1500 emoji and skin tone available. You can use any of them and easily express your feeling with your friends and family. Easily customize your preferred bubble colors, signatures and notifications, privacy and others according to you.

    Download Textra SMS

  9. GO SMS Pro

    GO SMS ProGO SMS Pro is a brand new free texting apps for android users. It is simple, personalizing and fun SMS app. It comes with some beautiful themes, lovely stickers, private box, pop up windows and more options. Go SMS pro app is faster, safer and has more than thousands amazing features.

    You can easily disable all sponsored messages using this app on your device. It provides unlimited cloud storage space for message backup. You can also get all paid theme without any cost and easily customize your text.

    Download Go SMS Pro

  10. ZERO SMS

    ZERO SMSZERO SMS app is another popular free messaging app for sending SMS & MMS. It is a smallest, fastest, and most private messaging app for android users. It supports amazing themes, more than 500 emoji, private messaging and also group messaging. You can also block the spam messages and any number from your contact list.

    It includes a standard material design along with small file size. It is easy to use and fully customizable free texting apps. You can also set privacy to protect your messages, contacts, and others using this app.

    Download Zero SMS

  11. Signal Private Messenger

    Signal Private MessengerUsing Signal private messenger app you can easily communicate instantly with your friends and family without paying any fee. It also provides a group chat option to all users to communicate more than two at a same time. One the best feature of this app is that the server never has access to any of your communication and never stores any of your data.

    It provides advanced end to end encryption protocol to make a private chat. It is a open source free texting apps. The app is designed to operate in the most constrained environment possible. Using Signal, messages are instantly delivered to friends.

    Signal Private Messenger

  12. Evolve SMS

    Evolve SMSEvolve SMS is a powerful texting apps that makes talking to your friends quick. It design with beautiful and smooth interface for sliding between conversations. It supports both SMS and MMS so you can also send any multimedia file to your friends and family using this app.

    Some of the popular features of this app are as batch deleting messages option, fully customizable notifications, password protection, and others. You can use this app in free but you can also go for its paid version for some other better features.

    Download Evolve SMS


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